Unbiased News

I’m very interested in the forthcoming US Presidential election. So I’ve been looking at Facebook video as there are lots of short extracts from the US news channels. I’m quite shocked by what I see. Certain channels give a totally negative view of Donald Trump, others give a totally positive view. There seems little attempt at objectivity.

I’m used to the BBC where they try their best to be objective. You would struggle to see what a journalist’s political opinions were. Just recently, the journalists were warned not to express strong opinions on Twitter, even in a private capacity. Where journalists do express an opinion, they are usually punished by their bosses. This has even extended to a black journalist not being allowed to express an opinion about ‘Black Lives Matter’.

Of course many people in the UK think the BBC is biased. Right-wing people think it is too left-wing. Left-wing people think it is too right-wing. That seems just about right to me.😀

How is the TV news where you live? Is it fair?

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